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Streamlight Tower

The Ras Al Khaimah Hospital contains top-notch medical facilities that required high quality wall and floor tiling solutions to match the overall image and feel of the environment. RAK Ceramics supplied high quality porcelain tiles that complied with safe and clean environment required for the hospital premises and added value in this prestigious project of health care.


Barrett Lloyd Davis Associates Limited (BLDA) & Hunters

Products Supplied

Lounge full bodied porcelain, unpolished, 1795mm x1195mm slabs.

Product Description

Having the inherited strength of GP material, Lounge slabs are highly frost, thermal and stains resistant and available in various sizes with their excellent finish, design and colors.


Affordable, urban styled designs were created for the exterior cladding of the Streamlight Tower residences. The Lounge series was the product of choice as a sustainable cladding. The monochromatic, large format scheme is not aesthetically only stunning; it is performance driven. Designed for the Streamlight Tower’s façade, it contributed to initial and long term savings; the builders were able to minimize tile off cut wastage and maintenance costs were diminished due to the tiles’ self cleaning properties.


This is a prime example of how cutting edge building materials are able to fuse with the design intent. The large format Lounge tiles allow a far greater reach and work to fill in between the floors without the odd off cut tile. The self‐cleaning product is a great assest, especially for a building of this size with limited accessibility. The large size format RAK Ceramics Slabs have left a stunning impression on the exterior of the Streamlight Tower.